You cannot afford to be miserable with Ganesha!

You cannot afford to be miserable with Ganesha!

Every day you get the opportunity to know who you are. But you often miss it. When your close one praises or abuse you, misunderstand you, feeling hatred for you then you should understand that it is an opportunity to know that they are waking you up!

Everyday life if full of blame and praise. We pay attention to both. When people praise or hate us, there is an image of ourself that we project in our mind; and we believe in that image and we also associate ourself with that image.

Now when your close ones or acquaintance expresses destructive criticism or praise to this image the ‘I’ definitely identifies with the blame or the praise. Naturally, we react emotionally by the signal expressing hatred or love.  The adrenaline increases in your body and you react to the criticism, pain or praise. Who reacts? The ‘I’. Who is the ‘I’? The ego. Who is suffering or feeling good? The ego. The ‘I’.

Those who are spiritually wise, they will pull themselves out of this situation and watch the ‘I’. How to do this? How to pull out of the mind? It is by stopping the thinking process. When you face a problem you think too much. You nourish the ‘I’ too much and feeds it with so much thoughts. If you stop the thinking process you do not suffer from the criticism or from source of pain. The ego has less power.

The world into which you suffer today is because of your thought. If you withdraw from your thought you will withdraw from your mind. The ‘I’ or the ego becomes weak. What is left after withdrawing from the ego? You start identifying yourself as a pure soul and enjoy the pleasure of silence. But this is not to be confused with the act of just remaining silence or doing nothing or even ignoring everything during painful situations. The danger of such behavior might lead to retaliation in silence!

This is in fact the battle that we have to fight everyday to be in the higher path. By being the witness of your own ego you will free yourself from unnecessary praise or hatred, or even other kind of wrong sensation.

The Muladhara Chakra, where Ganesha is located along the spine, teaches us the life lesson of standing up for ourselves. Every spiritual progress stands at the level of this Chakra. When Ganesha is depicted (in the published picture) as breaking his tusk, which is part of his own body to write vedic literature it symbolises your ability to stop recognising yourself as your body, which is the ‘I’. The tusk is part of his body. It symbolises your ability to surpass the ‘I’ or the body.  It symbolises your ability to know that you are in fact the Soul and it is only at the level of the soul that pure knowledge can be acquired to uplift yourself spiritually.

On this special day of Ganesha Chaturthi, I wish you receive sufficient subtle cosmic energy to make your life better.

Wish you a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

Nanda Narrainen © 2020