There is a Spiritual Solution to Corona Virus

There is a Spiritual Solution to Corona Virus.

In this period of global pandemic outbreak that is leading to confinement of the world population, the level of desires and habits are more than ever on the rise. By an action, a person creates the necessary conditions for fulfillment of desires, and ‘actions’ are nothing but a manifestation of desires, in the other word. As an illustration, in spite of severe warning to confine himself during the pandemic period, a person would go outside to look for alcoholic drinks and ended up also looking desperately for meaty stuff to increase his level of desires and enjoyment.

Ego makes one enslaved to his habits and whims. Likes and dislikes are resulting to huge drama in many household and people want to get back to habits as soon as possible. Prayers are done around the world to eradicate the pandemic so that ‘habits’ are back on track at the earliest.

What is the source of this energetic desire that is unstoppably making people crazy during this pandemic and lockdown period? The Brhadaaranyaka  Upanishad explains, “the world itself is the source of desire. If the desire is not to be propelled in this manner, the objects would exhaust themselves”. This means that if there is absence of desire, the world itself would become absent. The waking state in which we are all living, that is this material world into which we live, exists because of our desires and habits.

Imagine a situation where all the desires of all living beings (all living species) on this planet get absorbed into their own sources. What will happen? The said Upanishad indicates that the universe will vanish immediately! Why? There will be no reason for the world to exist if there is no desire and habit! So this leads to the conclusion that this material world is a place to come back to fulfill desires and habits. It also concludes that this world is impermanent. But if it is impermanent, your spiritual enfoldment will help you rise up to avoid desires in your next birth life. Besides, it leads to another understanding that there is creation, simply because there is desire. Likewise, the craziness and greediness for non-essential foods and non-food items during this pandemic period is testimony to the skyrocket level of desire. The more there will be desires by people to fulfill sensory pleasures the world will exist; and the world shall exist as a double-sided coin.

If you speak to an unconvincing materialist, he will tell you that currently people feel deprived of their rights to ‘decent’ living during the lock down period of Corona virus. Some have their self-esteem taken aback. Some claim that it is absolutey unfair and God should have been selective in punishing those who went against nature. Some blame China.

Did you notice that many of us are not used to simplicity in eating habits. So, during difficult moments we find it too hard to curb our desires and change our habit pattern. Arguably, the great sage Sri Ramana Maharshi said that there is no harm in satisfying a desire as long as the satisfaction do not lead to further desires by creating vasanas in the mind.

Do you remember Drona in Mahabharat? He was the Teacher. He represents ‘Habit’, or Samskara. He taught archery to both Pandavas and Kauravas, but during the battle of Kurukshetra, he sided with the Kauravas. He took such a decision because he was driven by past thoughts and actions, which have created impressions on his consciousness. He was driven by habits, desires, unfaithfulness, and unfairness. These impressions or Samskaras, create strong tendencies to repeat themselves in several re-births. At that particular moment he sided with the evil. He sacrificed truth at the expense of negative habits – because he did not want to break the cycle of inherited negative habits.

If we want to win the battle against Corona virus we need first to win the battle of killing our negative habits. We need to be resilient and less attracted to the usual kind of comfort zone, with fancy eating and entertainment. Thus, confining yourself is absolute! We need to kill the Drona within us.

Many, during this period of confinement, are sharing memories about past joyful party as an attempt to nourish the ego. The ego serve its purpose by keeping the consciousness bound to sensory pleasures. Hence, people do not want to change bad psychological habit to break the cycle and chain of the virus.

In times of distress Habits, Desires and Ego still stand as a combined offensive force to confront your soul in search of usual habits. This is the nature of human being and the nature of the mind. If you win the spiritual battle at the level of your mind you will a major portion of the battle against Corona virus.

I pray that Shiva, the Lord of destruction, let your desires and habits flow to your meditation and get dissolved. May the ‘world’ change, as it will drastically change when the pandemic will be over. If your bad habits, desires and ego are still prevailing Lord Vishnu will protect you with His merciful nature and help you adapt.

Hence, there is a spiritual solution against this pandemic and you can surely win it. Confinement is not misery. Confinement, in the coming days, shall change this world into a mindful world.

Nanda Narrainen © 2020