God, Love and Unhappiness

God, Love and Unhappiness

How many people have you seen expressing discontentment in a place of worship? They pray but they also complain. They pray but they also discriminate. They segregate. They are unhappy. This means that they are unhappy in the presence of God!

Now how would you behave in the presence of someone whom you express deep love? You would most likely behave properly and do things to please anyone with love in his or her presence.

But why don’t bhaktan behave similarly in the presence of God in a place of worship? Why do they misbehave with others in the presence of God? In these scenarios bhaktan act with their lower nature. Why? It is because the art of devotion is lacking. The devotion is much too superficial.

If you are to prescribe a remedy to such category of bhaktan you would prescribe to them Bhakti Yoga. Love. One can only be delighted in the presence of Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu and other deities.  Ultimately, it is a sin to be unhappy in the presence of the Lord. If God is love and bhakti and when one does not express love to its surrounding then God is not with him or her during these worship moments. He or she may certainly be on the wrong path to Bhakti Yoga.