Religion and spirituality are to be studied, understood and practiced. Prayers, rituals and veneration are not mere repetitive customs that we have to only observe and watch. As do other religions, Hindu religion preaches truth, love and compassion. Hindu religion comprises philosophy and mythology. Culture and customs are by-products of this religion. Once you understand the core, you will not waste time unnecessarily to seek evidence and proof to practice the customs. If science need the real proof that God exists, the powerful capabilities of human mind and science itself are the evidences. Hindu religion enables you to assimilate the teachings and ultimately achieve oneness with God.

Through this blog my limited experience is being shared to enable readers to practice Hinduism progressively to perfection and not to feel undermined. Some people claim to be spiritual and not religious. This is becoming fad and fashion today among people who are stepping into the new world of spirituality. It is only lack of fundamental religious knowledge that causes such dis-functionality.

The putting up and content of this blog arise from many sources, which I hear frequently and thus give rise to clarification. My humble task is to dwell into myself to analyse, compile and write the most essential practices and philosophies that a devotee hear, see, smell, touch and taste as a Hindu.

Nanda Narrainen