Cavadee- an opportunity to be a seeker!

Cavadee- an opportunity to be a seeker!

I am writing this article to bring more light to bhaktan of Lord Muruga as they will soon embark in an unusual spiritual route for a short period of time. Austerity, sincerity, penance, faith, abstinence and desire will be placed high on the spiritual agenda during the fasting period.

We cannot deny that we all have vasanas, i.e desires – specially material desires. The mind guides these desires. The mind always wants to be ‘someone’. In this Kali Yuga age, we have more desires than ever. We want to experience more and more desires. Many times, effort, money and energy are spent to fulfill desires. The common man also struggles to ensure that anyone who attempts to erase his desires is put apart. Eventually, the business side of spirituality has been developed as there is an eagerness to invest into one’s own well-being and hence, to satisfy one’s desires.

The common man worships God because he wants to fulfill his desires. This is an undeniable fact. A desire for a better car, better job, better salary package, ideal wife or husband or more luxuries. Unfortunately, the darker side of religion has been established; and still stand firm to help devotees to fulfill desires. In many temples, they often ignorantly ask you to come as often as possible to their respective place of worship and reassure you that such deity or place of worship will fulfill your desire. Once, I listen to a recording of Swami Chinmayananda’s discourse who bluntly said, ‘the priest or Guru who tells you that you have to pray God to get your request attended or to fulfill your desires is a crook! Make no mistake God will never give you fulfillment of your desires.’

Verse 14 of the Kandahar Anubuthi and written by Arunagirinathar states that ‘desires stand in the way of our attaining ‘anubuthi’ or spiritual experience. They dissipate one’s personality in various directions and destroy one’s peace and happiness.

Unqualified priests or unqualified Gurus sometimes share powerful mantra to bhaktan for reading, in an attempt to help them fulfill their foremost desires. The mantra is genuine but the purpose and force of the mantra is wrongly introduced to the bhaktan. When things do no turn out to be as expected then the bhaktan get more depressed. In short, he or she has being taught the wrong way to connect to God.

Seriously, one who experience anubuthi(God experience) will tell you that God never gives his devotees fulfillment of desires. Instead, God gives you more FAITH. The more you pray to Him, the more faith He gives you to try hard in the right way to fulfill your desires. What is required then? Bhakti is required. Bhakti is easiest and most natural way to reach the divine. Bhakti is the Yoga of Devotion. Bhakti destroys egoism and vasanas (desire). It elevates the mind to magnanimous heights. When you are soaked into bhakti you do not see trivial matters an issue. But if you get into the lower forms of bhakti and degenerate into non-respect and fanaticism then you are on the wrong track.

As eagerness and religious fervor has started settling in your mind, invest your time, faith, belief and energy to be a ‘seeker’. Seek Him through love. Give love to everyone also. Search Him through your devotion and faith. When you attend prayer in temples, invoke Him with prayer. And finally meet Him in your meditation. Cavadee is a sacred opportunity to make you a true seeker and not to fulfill desires and promises. It can help you advance on a new spiritual journey. Awakening our Kundalini through chakra activation practices such as yoga of devotion, pranayama, divine sounds and mudra are techniques that are being lost and are being replaced by visible efforts to please and impress others.

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